Welcome to my election website for the 2014 election for the United States Congress as Representative of the 8th Congressional District of the Great State of Texas.  Please take time to look  over the site and learn what I stand for and why I have filed to run as a candidate.  It is a huge endeavor but I am proud to do it, and humbled at the same time.  I am not a Politician, I am a business owner, a husband, a father and a grand father, and just like everyone else, I can see our current system of government (Administration and Congress) is broken and in need of immediate repair before it is too late.  

I promise I won't bore you with statements about how great I am, accomplishments over the years or any awards I have won.  What I will do is to lay out the facts of the state this country is in, where it is going and what "WE" need to to do protect our liberties and freedoms before it is too late.  I say "WE" because that was the intention of our founding fathers.  They foresaw this kind of problem and thus, a two year term for Congress was established.  A person was to step up for nomination, run for election and, if elected, truly represent the people of their District.  Later, they were to step down, go back to their jobs or business, and let the next person volunteer for the position.  The system was also designed for changes and new laws to be very difficult and take a very long time to enact, if at all.  Changes were to be well thought out and debated and deliberated on, so they were made prudently.  What we have now, in Congress, is "Professional Politicians".  They will hold town meetings, conferences, take polls, listen to the people of their Districts they represent, then they do or vote anyway they want to on the issues as long as it meets their goal of re-election.  Why would I be any different?  First, I have vowed to self imposed term limits.  Something we should have in Congress, but don't.    

People also ask me, "why are you doing this"?  The entry fee to get in at the door is a minimum of 1,000,000.00 dollars and that is just the cover charge!  The answer is quite simple.  This is my generation, the so called "baby boomers", and this mess we find ourselves in and a National debt nearing 17 trillion dollars, has taken place on my shift.  I have had enough of the irresponsible spending, partisanship, Republican and Democrat battles over platforms that they decide on, regulations on everything we do, say, or eat, but most of all I am not going to stand for the loss of any more of my freedoms.  Those freedoms were won by Americans who were true Patriots.  Over the years, many more Americans have fought hard to keep them, some making the ultimate sacrifice.  Those freedoms are now being taken from us at an alarming rate.  For the majority of Congress, if they see a problem or an opportunity arise, the answer has been to pass more regulations and borrow more money to throw at it.   

I still remember my first job fresh out of College with General Electric.  The company was doing well but spending was higher then the shareholders liked and the shareholders thought the company could do better and yield higher returns.  The solution was simple, we dropped the "line item budget" in favor of a "zero based budget".  That meant that instead of comparing what we spent this year to last year and adding on for inflation and a little extra fat, every budget item started at zero and then each expense was justified.  There were some hard decisions to be made on what we really needed to do our jobs and what we could do without.  Also, the huge amounts of money that were left over at the end of the year, that we had to spend or risk losing budgeted money the following year, were gone.  I have to admit, that for a kid right out of college, it was fun trying to figure out how to spend the surplus budget and being wined and dined by all the vendors that would do anything for you just to get a piece of it.  However, in the end, the company prospered, there was less waste and the shareholders, who really owned the company were happy again.  It also taught me a great lessen in life.  As I sat across the desk from my mentor one day, he asked me where I wanted to be in ten year from now.  I looked him right in the eye and said, "right where you are sitting".  Jack Welch just smiled and said, I believe you could be, but I am not going anywhere for awhile.         


Tuesday, December 3, 2013 2:03 PM


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