About Me:   Ted DeMatteo


I have vowed to represent the people of my District as they want me to, not as I fit.  I am just 1 of the 700,000 people in the District who has taken the responsibility to come forth and do the job.  My only stipulation would be that it does not violate my Christian beliefs or the moral values of the good people of our society.

I have vowed to impose term limits upon myself.  If I am so lucky, and you will put up with me, it will be for no more then three (3) terms.

I have also vowed to take a 20% reduction in salary at a minimum.


A Past Employee of a major 100 Company

A Current Business(s) Owner

A Husband

A Father

A Grandfather

A Past Elected Republican Committee Member

A Past Chairman of the Board of Directors of a Texas Water District

A Past Member of the Houston ASIS committee on Global Terrorism, Political Instability And
International Crime

An active member of St. Simon and Jude Catholic Church and I support the right to life and the dignity of all human life.  I will not prequalify that with words such as, "only in the case of.........."


A "Career Politician"

I will not be obligated to huge supporters, PACS and Lobbyists, or any Political Parties, committees or groups with special agendas. 

I am not interested in the perks that Congress has seen fit to grant themselves.  I would very much like to keep my own medical insurance and pay for it myself.  


I attended Villanova University and Clarkson College (now University) graduating and finishing my school work in 1979.  I went to work for a top 100 Corporation supporting the fight known as "The Cold War" to put a final end to the communistic threat of the USSR.  During this period, I held various assignments, which included National Defense projects to protect our Freedoms and Liberties. All of these projects came in at or under budget.  I was also elected as a Republican Committee Party member, in N.J.  From 1990, to present,  I have started several Corporations some of which are still in existence today. I presently own and work for a security contracting and consulting company that specializes in advanced threat detection and management, as well as the control of extraordinary violence.

I am a husband to my wife Nancy of 33 years, have two children John and Jessica and was recently Blessed with a Grandson, Cade.

I am an active member of St. Simon and Jude Catholic Church, in The Woodlands, and I am involved with various charitable organizations.  I have served on several committees, both within and outside of the church, to support the "prolife" movement to put an end to abortion and to support the dignity of all human life. 

When I am not working, I am either enjoying time with my family or working for various charitable causes. Occasionally, I even find a little time to drop a fishing line in the water or take my two Labradors, Sissie and Nipper, out to retrieve a duck or two.



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