I don't think it is a big secret that we, as a Country, are in serious financial trouble.  So it really frustrates me to see Congress delay the issue of fiscal responsibility over and over again.  Our country is near a financial collapse.  With close to a 16 trillion dollar deficit, there is no end in sight.  I have tried to justify the actions of our current Administration and most of the members of Congress and can not.  

Apparently, not many members of Congress have ever had to run a business or a home or teach their children the value of money and savings.  We have all had to use credit from time to time or have had a car loan or mortgage on our homes.  But we used credit responsibly.

So what is th first step?  We need a budget, we need to balance the budget, and if we do borrow, we do so responsibly.  Without this as a first step, we can not have a meaningful discussion on anything or any issue.  It would be like going out to buy car and not knowing how much money you had to spend on it.   

Yet, there are other issues and I want to let you know where I stand on them and how I feel about some of the major issues.

- As stated above, Deficit Spending must come to an end.

- We must have a Balanced Budget.  It will be a difficult task both physically and in trying to decide what is important to us as Americans but this must be a priority. Special interests must be eliminated and an end put to Pork Barrel Legislation which is no more then buying some ones vote.

- With a balanced budget and ending deficit spending we will be able to and must reduce the tax burden on individuals and small businesses.  I am very much in favor of a National Sales Tax and a complete repeal of inheritance taxes. 

- A Strong Military is essential to our country.  We do not need to be the policemen of the world but we need to be able to defend America from any threats at a moments notice. In the unfortunate event that action is ever taken, it should be Swift and Decisive.

- The Constitution must be upheld.  Including our right to gun ownership. Guns have only two enimies, rust and politicians.

- The Sanctity and Dignity of all Human Life must be maintained form the moment of conception to our last breaths, without any prequalifications.  

-  All Americans should be able to participate in running for and being elected to political offices.   The dream of telling our children that you can be anything you want to be, even President, is no longer realistic.  We need to change this and fast. 

- Illegal Immigration is just what it means, illegal! I often wonder, as the most powerful country in the world, why can't we put an end to illegal immigration and the flow of illegal drugs in to our country?  I am not sure I will like the answer, but I am willing to fight to put an end to it.     



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